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Tim Connor, CSP
Global speaker, trainer and bestselling author.

Ten strategies for successfully managing turbulent times.
We are living in a time of dynamic change, uncertainty, and turbulence and there are two approaches to improve organization long-term success, influence, and effectiveness. One – let - the circumstances change you, control you or master you, or Two - use these times to get stronger, wiser, and better and as a result improving overall sustained effectiveness and success. During this month’s meeting, Tim will share ten vital strategies to master to maneuver through this uncertainty - using the second approach.  Topics like; how perception influences behavior, how mindsets contribute to decisions and actions. The major contributors to negativity and how to eliminate or manage them. Using accountability to maintain positive employee and customer behavior. The role validation plays in employee performance and customer responses. Using adversity as a tool for positive growth. Using the process of reinvention to stay ahead of the challenges. Creating an environment of validation and creativity. The five major attitudes that destroy organization performance. How communication contributes to every aspect of the organization’s response to change. Maintaining a culture of appreciation, recognition, and integrity.  Don’t miss this critical session. You will leave it better equipped to manage in today’s dynamic world.

Tim is the President and CEO of Connor Resource Group. He has been a full-time
professional speaker, trainer, coach, consultant and bestselling author for over 35
years. During his career, he has given over 4000 presentations in twenty-five
countries around the world to a wide variety of audiences.

Each year over 85% of his presentations are return engagements for the same
clients on such topics as peak performance management, effective leadership,
customer focused sales strategies, personal motivation, value-driven customer
service and building positive business and personal relationships.

He is the best selling author of over 80 books including several international best
sellers, Soft Sell (The Number One Best Selling Sales Book In The World now In
23 Languages and with sales over one million copies), Life Is Short, Success is a
Decision, 81 Management Challenges, My Age is None of My Business, and
Corporate Disconnect.

Tim’s international clients range in sales from 1 million to over 80 billion a year
and come from a wide variety of industries including; food, manufacturing and
distribution, housing and construction, financial services, healthcare, hospitality,
technology and communication, and personal and professional services. His
presentations are filled with insightful and contemporary ideas and are presented
in a riveting, thought-provoking and entertaining style.

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11/10/202011:30am to 1:00pmJudy Monger

Board Leadership Development Workshop
The Board Leadership Development Workshop is coming to San Antonio on Saturday, November 14, 2020 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

All modules will be taught by CAI San Antonio's finest attorneys;
Module 1 - Tom L Newton
Module 2 - Michael T. Gainer
Module 3 - Gregory Cagle
Module 4 - Leah K. Burton
Module 5 - Amy McLin
Course Outline

Whether you live in a condominium, homeowners association (HOA) or other type of community, the CAI Board Leader Certificate Course highlights what every board member needs to know to serve effectively. The course consists of five modules:
·     Module 1: Governing Documents and Roles & Responsibilities. 
·     Module 2: Communications, Meetings and Volunteerism. 
·     Module 3: Fundamentals of Financial Management. 
·     Module 4: Professional Advisers and Service Providers. 
·     Module 5: Association Rules and Conflict Resolution. 

Class Begins - 9:00
Lunch - 12:00 - 12:30
Class Ends - 4:00

FREE to CAI Members
$20 to non-Members
With your course registration you will receive a complete toolbox of resources containing:
·     The Board Member Tool Kit
·     The Board Member Tool Kit Workbook
·     Community Association Leadership: A Guide for Volunteers
·     Managing & Governing: How Community Associations Function, by Clifford J. Treese
·     The Homeowner & the Community Association brochure
·     From Good to Great: Principles for Community Association Success brochure

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11/14/20209:00am to 4:00pmJudy Monger

Leah K Burton will present a webinar on Diversity.

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Trio HOA Management

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11/19/202011:30am to 12:30pmJudy Monger

Julie Adamen - speaking on "Tyranny of the Urgent" Stress Management
Honoring Associa Hill Country & Brightview Landscape Services

You have important tasks you MUST accomplish, AND you will have a continuous stream of incoming communication - emails, texts, phone calls, people.  Continual unmanaged incoming communication creates a sense of urgency = high levels of stress.... As we "try" to process that communication while simultaneously working on important tasks.  "Sense of urgency" DOES NOT = Importance.  In this fun session, Julie takes a look at ways to manage your time and stress by separating those things that are truly important from those that are merely urgent.


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12/8/202011:30am to 12:30pmJudy Monger

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