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Whether you live in a condominium, homeowners association (HOA) or other type of community, the CAI Board Leader Certificate Course highlights what every board member needs to know to serve effectively. The course consists of five modules:

  • Module 1: Governing Documents and Roles & Responsibilities. To start you on the right path, Module 1 helps you understand the legal authority for your association. It also clarifies the duties and responsibilities of each board member and the professionals who are available to assist the board.
  • Module 2: Communications, Meetings and Volunteerism. Module 2 helps you learn how to maximize volunteer involvement in your community association by improving board communications, conducting effective meetings and building community spirit.
  • Module 3: Fundamentals of Financial Management. Module 3 introduces the fundamentals of association financial management, including guidelines for protecting your association’s assets, preparing a budget, planning for the future and collecting assessments.
  • Module 4: Professional Advisors and Service Providers. Because putting together the right team to support your association can be challenging, Module 4 provides practical tips on finding, evaluating and hiring qualified professional advisors and service providers.
  • Module 5: Association Rules and Conflict Resolution. Module 5 explores guidelines for making reasonable association rules, enforcing rules fairly and resolving conflict effectively.

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2/29/20209:00am to 3:00pmJudy Monger

Marny Lefshen
"What do you say, communication across barriers?     

Marny Lifshen is a marketing communications consultant, speaker and author with more than 25 years of experience.  She works with businesses and executives to develop brand awareness with critical audiences, and to establish relationships with key influencers in their industry and community.  
Marny is the author of the award-winning Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women, currently in it’s second edition.  She is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of strategic networking, personal branding, communication skills, professional relationships and male-female workplace dynamics.  Marny conducts presentations and workshops for corporate, association and university clients across the country.  She lives in Austin with her husband, two daughters and a slightly ridiculous amount of pets.

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3/10/202011:30am to 1:00pmJudy Monger

We welcome ALL New Members to a Welcome Luncheon.  We hope to introduce you to all the benefits Community Associations Institute - San Antonio Chapter (CAI-SA) can offer you.  Education    Networking     and MORE

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3/19/202011:30am to 1:00pmJudy Monger

Join us to meet new Business Partners and Managers in a fast round of "getting to know you" plus there will be good food and drinks.

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4/2/20201:00pm to 4:00pmJudy Monger

RFP's with Best Practices

Manager and Business Partner will present how to get the MOST out of your Request For Proposal.

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4/14/202011:30am to 1:00pmJudy Monger

Dealing with Difficult People

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5/12/202011:30am to 1:00pmJudy Monger


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 Judy Monger

Networking Luncheon
Come meet new Business Partners and Managers and Homeowner Board Members

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6/9/202011:00am to 1:00pmJudy Monger

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